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Charlies Metal Recycling

Nearly 40 years ago Charles Walker Sr. started buying cars through his mechanic and wrecker service. This evolved into a parts business which in turn led to a scrap business. Charles had two sons, Charlie and Chuck. They grew up working with him in the business. In 1995, Charles sold the business to his sons. As Charlie and Chuck led the business into a new century, it took off into a different direction. People’s awareness and interest in the environment and its protection through reducing, reusing, and recycling was growing at an unprecedented pace.

Charlie and Chuck took a chance on the new trend. Years of planning and research culminated in July 2012 with a modern state of the art office, warehouse, and process center. Now the company concentrates primarily on recycling scrap materials ranging from aluminum cans to automobiles. However, Charlie is constantly seeking other recyclable materials which will not only strengthen the environment but prove profitable.

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